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Estill Springs Tennessee Computer Support

The success of your local business must have a Estill Springs Tennessee computer repair solution to flourish in today’s technologically advanced world.
TN Computer Medics provides Estill Springs Tennessee, and the adjacent areas with professional expertise for outsourced computer repair solutions encompassing all facets of computer consulting and computer security.
As a small, medium, or even large organization, you depend on technology to generate revenue and construct brands. An organization can determine its success or failure by skipping the burdensome and costly process of employing an internal computer repair services team.
Collaborating with TN Computer Medics enables one to concentrate on the fundamental objective of generating revenue and achieving profitability. Regarding your technical infrastructure, we will handle it. Allow us to handle security concerns and perform backups of critical data.
In essence, let TN Computer Medics become your managed Estill Springs Computer Repair experts.
Please call or email us immediately for a free consultation to discuss your professional and personal technology support requirements.
We are readily available to offer Estill Springs businesses physical or virtual computer repair services in minutes.
Simply give us a call, and we will visit you.

A Brief History of Estill Springs TN


The Cherokee people of the region were well aware of the mineral springs in the area for a long time. Prior to their settlement in this region, diverse indigenous cultures had inhabited the area for countless generations.

The European-American town has its origins around 1840, when the Frank Estill family, who held significant property in the region, generously provided a right-of-way for the construction of a railroad. The settlement flourished as a charming spa town, thanks to the popularity of mineral waters as a health remedy and easy rail access. The town derived its name from the springs that attracted visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Oscar Meyer became the inaugural mayor of Estill.

The era of the Civil War

Throughout the Civil War, the town was commonly referred to as “Allisonia”, in honor of another family that had established roots in the vicinity. The site was home to Camp Harris, a Confederate training camp, which was named after Isham G. Harris, the Confederate governor of Tennessee and a native of the county. The Southern forces were forced to retreat through the town during the 1863 Tullahoma Campaign, which was named after the nearby community that served as Confederate headquarters. You can still catch a glimpse of the remains of a bridge foundation from the civil war era near the Beth Page bridge, which spans the Elk River.

From the twentieth century to the present

After Reconstruction, the white population in the county made efforts to uphold their control over the freedmen. They engaged in acts of violence targeting African Americans who were seen as deviating from societal expectations. According to reports, Jim McIlherron allegedly fired at three young men who were taunting him, following a conflict with some locals in the small town who seemed to resent his family’s relative success. Following an unsuccessful attempt to flee, McIlherron was apprehended and returned to Estill Springs. He was brutally attacked by a violent mob on February 4, 1918, who subjected him to horrific torture before his untimely demise. Rev. G.W. Lych, who is thought to have assisted McIlherron in his escape, was tragically killed prior to this incident. These two killings were part of a total of three documented lynchings in Franklin County during the early 20th century.

The trend of immersing oneself in and consuming natural spring waters eventually faded away. According to local legend, the springs in the town dried up when U.S. Route 41A was finally built in 1940. The era of spas came to an end by mid-century, and the hotels were demolished. The new highway greatly enhanced the town’s connectivity to neighboring communities, opening up valuable employment opportunities. Additionally, it positioned the town strategically along the main artery connecting Nashville and Chattanooga. The construction of dams by the Tennessee Valley Authority not only contributed to the development of local lakes, but also created opportunities for recreational business.

Estill Springs had a notable resident during the Prohibition era – Parker Jones, a well-known local mobster and bootlegger. Parker and his gang cleverly utilized the dense forested landscape to produce their illicit alcohol. Parker and his men also utilized Estill as their central logistics hub to transport the alcohol through Middle Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. Jones maintained a strong influence in Estill for an extended period, having close relationships with mayors, city council members, and police officers. A large number of revenue agents were sent by the government to apprehend him and his associates. However, upon reaching his hideout, they discovered an empty space, and Parker vanished from Estill without a trace.[verification needed]

The “Yellowhammer’s Nest”, the historic home of renowned Tennessee author Will Allen Dromgoole, was tragically lost in a devastating fire in 1972.

TN Computer Medics cares about our reputation. We try our best with each and every client.


I am very happy I hired TN Computer Medics. The tech Sam knew exactly what my issue was and fixed it the same day the price was perfect. I can tell from the work done to my computer that the tech is experienced in this line of work. I will not go anywhere else!!!

Sandra Haywood

Nothing is perfect, but they came very close. The only place for Our computer needs. Treat you right and they really care about your computer…

Gary Allen

Sam got my computer fixed, it had a virus and now it is working good again. will come back.

Jason Hollis

Repaired my laptop in a timely manner at a good price. Was truthful about the fact the price may change should more work was needed. The part I needed at the time was inexpensive as well. Great place and very helpful.

Joann Harrison

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