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Cyber Security Work Experience

Aug 2021 - Present
Aug 2021 - Present

Senior Penetration Tester (Department of Defense, Huntsville, AL)

* Conducted External Penetration Tests against client web applications
* Performed various enumeration techniques to discover further information about the attack surface.
* Collaborated with colleagues to test for vulnerabilities, such as session theft.
* Utilized tools for external web application penetration tests such as nnamp, dirb, nikto, burpsuite pro, etc.
* Performed file upload extension bypass through various techniques utilizing Burpsuite Professional.
* Provided clients with daily updates on the current day's assessment efforts and future necessities.
* Provided multiple clients with penetration test reports and illustration vulnerabilities. How they can be exploited and critically measured.
* Conducted onsite internal network penetration tests.
* Utilized tools such as Hak5 Bash Bunny, Hak5 WiFi Pineapple, and key croc.

Aug 2019 - Aug 2021
Aug 2019 - Aug 2021

Penetration Tester (Department of Defense, Huntsville, AL)

* Keep up-to-date on information security history, events, and trends.
* Supported security analysis of system risks and vulnerabilities.
* Performed periodic risk assessments of information systems.
* Searched for security threats and malicious activity.
* Serve as a Cybersecurity Operations Analyst on the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) team.
* Provided penetration testing assessment services to various organizations.
* Utilized Nessus for vulnerability and host discovery scans.
* Performed internal network scans utilizing NMAP.
* Exploited information systems for penetration test reports.
* Leveraged various other exploits such as local file inclusion, remote file inclusion, remote code execution, and other publicly available exploits.
* Provided insight into the VAPT Concept of Operations.
* Provided draft configuration for VLAN/ACL implementation on the operation network.
* Completed penetration test reports for the client.

Mr X (Owner)'s Work Experience

SPECIAL TRAINING/CERTIFICATIONS: CompTIA Security+, 2017 Certified Ethical Hacker, 2018, ITIL 3, 2018

Education: B.S. in Information Technology, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH.

Driven professional with a strong background in Technical Support, Cyber Security, Diagnostics, Trouble-Shooting, Software, and Hardware issues. A thoughtful strategist who transforms ambitious goals into practical action plans, daily performance targets, and achievable tasks. Impressive customer service skills and a relentless determination to achieve desired outcomes.

Passionate about becoming a forward-thinking strategist for my clients and delivering tailored solutions that align with important business objectives both now and in the future. Demonstrated expertise in successfully overseeing extensive projects, driving revenue growth and expanding client portfolio, while consistently meeting deadlines. Highly adept at making informed decisions and employing intuitive and creative problem-solving techniques throughout the technical support process, resulting in successful outcomes.
Sep 2023 – Present
Sep 2023 – Present

Colsa Corporation, Huntsville AL

Engaged in a confidential project overseeing the remote reading of water, gas, and electrical meters in collaboration with the Army Material Command. Establish and manage multiple servers across the United States. Travel across the United States to ensure the correct application of Stig and Patches across various areas.

Feb 2020 – Jul 2023
Feb 2020 – Jul 2023

PC Revive, Nashville, TN

* Handled commercial and residential accounts to include POS, kitchen display systems, and multiple expansions across multiple platforms of business.
* Traveled to multiple states to support the confines of each contract.
* Configured multiple networks and installed various network assets such as switches, routers, VOIP systems, and live video conferencing.
* Installed employee digital time clocks for various small to medium sized business, including biometric authentication mechanisms.
* Installed and configured RFID for secure platforms.
* Installed magnetic door control systems for various small to medium sized businesses.

Sep 2019 – Feb 2020
Sep 2019 – Feb 2020

GDIT, Tullahoma, TN

* I wore two hats in this position and not only pushed RMF packages but also performed compliance with security controls utilizing SCAP tools and STIG plugins.
* Performed a physical asset inventory list of 13 ICS and SCADA networks.
* Provided network security for 13 ICS and SCADA networks as required in RMF via NIST SP 800- 53. Created Configuration Management Plan, Contingency Plan, and System Policy Documents to contribute toward ATO efforts.
* Utilized SCAP tool to assess security controls for compliance purposes on applicable workstations/servers across 13 ICS & SCADA networks Checked networks for security compliance across multiple networks, including STIGs and mitigations.
* Installed COINE V2 on the server and implemented a firewall for COINE Network.
* Acted as ISSM/ISSO and Program Manager within eMASS.

Dec 2011 – Aug 2019
Dec 2011 – Aug 2019

PC Revive, Nashville, TN

During my time in this role, I received comprehensive training and certification in repairing and maintaining Therakos photopheresis, Cerner RX secure storage cabinets, and Novadaq's Spy3000 Fluorescence imaging systems.

I was in charge of the repair and regular maintenance of this equipment. Cisco SD Access for Catalyst 9600 series switches

Feb 1990 – Dec 2011
Feb 1990 – Dec 2011

PC Paramedics, Orlando, FL

Re-imaging hard drives with Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image, and various other platforms.

Hardware Installation and Upgrades – Macintosh, Motherboards from various brands like Asus, MSI, Biostar, Active Directory Gigabyte, Asrock, ECS, Intel, and many more, Processors from both AMD and Intel, RAM, Graphics cards, Sound cards, Modems, Printers can be installed in both network environments and on local PCs. Some of the printer brands that can be installed include OCE, Ricoh, Canon, Lexmark, HP, Brother, Epson, Xerox, Oki, Samsung, and Konica Minolta.

Printer installations are available for both network environments and local PCs. A wide range of printer brands are supported, including OCE, Ricoh, Canon, Lexmark, HP, Brother, Epson, Xerox, Oki, Samsung, and Konica Minolta.

This also encompasses the installation and maintenance of printers as well as troubleshooting TCP IP connectivity problems. Printer drums, scanner belts, toner, paper jams, and hard drive data storage for printer rescans stored for recovery prints.

The printer interface features a variety of connectivity options, including Lan/Wi-Fi, USB, and Parallel ports. (Wireless A., B., G., and N dial-up, high-speed), Parallel cards, and Full System Network Builds.

Hardware: Switches, routers, motherboards, CPUs, power supplies, HDDs, SSDs, NAS, battery backups, VoIP, virtual machines.

Software applications: SCAP tool, STIGviewer, ACAS, SMBScanner, nmap.